Westmere Primary School

A warm welcome from Westmere

A very warm welcome to Westmere Primary School, where we are committed to working in partnership with parents, to ensure every child achieves their full potential, feels safe and happy at school, and develops a love of learning. We work hard to ensure that ‘relationships between pupils and their teachers are positive and pupils say that they feel well cared for’ (Ofsted 2018). We have high expectations of all members of our community and this includes working together to make sure all children have good attendance and arrive on time every day so they are able to fully access our carefully planned our curriculum which is ‘…well planned, sequenced and challenging’ (Ofsted 2018). We expect the best from our children and support them to give this. We have developed a culture where our ‘Pupils read widely and often’ (Ofsted 2018), as we believe reading unlocks many opportunities both academically and socially.

We value the whole school community of children, parents, staff, governors and friends: by working together we really can give our children the very best start in life. Parents are welcome to pop into the office to make an appointment if you wish to speak with a member of staff. If you have a query about your child, please speak to their class teacher in the first instance.

We hope that you find the information you are looking for on our website. Please feel free to contact us at enquiries@westmere.lincs.sch.uk with any queries you may have.

Sally Massey
Head of School


Our Vision

The Griffin Federation, of three schools, aims to be at the heart of the villages we serve. We feel that working in partnership with the whole community will lead towards a society of hope, where we raise aspirations for our school family and allow them to become the very best members of the community they can be. We will endeavour to ensure that the teachings of justice and forgiveness are lived out by all.

Every member of our community is valued, and valuable. We will pursue excellence for all, including our most vulnerable, by providing the support and challenge they require to reach their full potential. We will do this in an inclusive environment, where the well-being of everyone is nurtured with dignity and compassion, so that any difficulties experienced can be overcome.