Westmere Primary School

Extra-curricular activities

After School Clubs for Autumn Term 2018

We are intending to run the following after school clubs during term 1 and term 2.   All the clubs will start at 3.20 pm and finish at 4.15 pm.  The children will need to be picked up from school, by an adult at 4.15 pm.

Weekday KS1 KS2 Year Group Teacher Name Club
Monday  Y Y1 and  Y2 Miss Wise Colouring Club
Monday    Y  Y5 Mrs Curson Let’s Get Cooking Club
Monday Y Y1 and Y2 Miss Symonds Reading Club
Monday  Y Y1 Miss Richardson Maths Club
Monday  Y Y5 Miss Carter 11+ Club
Monday Y Y2 Miss Theobald Maths Club
Monday Y Y3 to Y6 Miss Pooley Reading Club
Tuesday Y Canada and USA Mr Timmins Football Club
Wednesday  Y Brazil and Mexico Mr Timmins Football Club
Thursday  Y  Y Y2 to Y6 Mr Simons Choir Club
Thursday  Y Y Y1 to Y6 Miss Streets Gardening Club
Thursday  Y Y1 and Y2 Mr Timmins Throwing and Catching Club
Friday  Y Spain and Portugal Mr Timmins Football Club