Westmere Primary School

Welcome to Italy Class

Class Teacher: Miss Winn

Teaching Assistant: Miss Missin

We are a fabulous Year 1/2 class. This year, our wonderful team will consist of Miss Winn (Teacher) and Miss Missin (Teaching Assistant). We are really looking forward to working with the amazing children which make up Italy class.

PE – Every week we will be participating in PE.  Please make sure that children are wearing their PE kits (including their blue PE hoodie) on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. We ask that long hair be tied back and all jewellery, including earrings, must be removed. PE kits include the house-coloured t-shirt and dark shorts. Although in the colder months, tracksuit bottoms are recommended. Children should also wear trainers.

READING – We love reading in Italy Class! If your child is still accessing RWI, they will be given 2 RWI levelled books (one ability and one challenge) and a reading for pleasure book. If your child is in the comprehension group, they will be given a levelled reading book along with a reading for pleasure book. As part of the homework set, please listen to your child read everyday and ask them questions about the text. We do not change the books daily as we are trying to encourage reading texts more than once to build up fluency and expression; however, they do need to be in school EVERYDAY so that they can be checked. As a reward for reading at home, children will receive extra play and will be given tickets for the termly reading raffle.

Please make sure reading books are returned to school. If your child loses their reading record or books, then please let us know so we can send new books home.

HOMEWORK – children are given a piece of English and Maths homework each week. Children will receive a westie for every piece of homework they complete. Children that complete all the homework activities in the term will receive a special homework certificate. In addition there will be a weekly spelling test. Spellings will be sent home for children to learn over the week before the test in school. There will also be a topic homework project for each new topic across the year. Children that complete their topic homework projects will receive westies and team points. We will also invite parents and carers to our topic homework showcase each term for children to share their amazing work.

‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’

‘Have you ever visited the seaside? What sights and sounds await you as you walk along the promenade, run across the beach and dip your toes into the sea. So grab a bucket and spade and join us as we visit the seaside; eating fish and chips and ice-cream as we go.’

The topics covered this term are…

In History, we are learning about how our local seaside resorts have changed over time and discover how people used to holiday by the sea in the Victorian times; making comparisons with trips taken to the seaside today.

In Geography, we are learning about the human and physical features of our local seaside resorts. We will be using maps to locate these in the UK and think about describing and comparing these locations using Geographical vocabulary.

In Music, we are learning about rhythm and tempo in our topic ‘Into the Groove’. We will also be listening to various types of music and discussing our personal preferences.

In Computing, we are using ICT to make music. We will be collecting sounds and inputting them into a given programme to create a final musical number.

In Science, we are learning about animals including humans. We will look at a range of animals and think about how they can be grouped and classified based on their common features. Furthermore, we will explore how animals adapt to survive and think about the foods which they eat.

In PE, we are learning about Gymnastics and invasion games.

In RE, we are learning about how the Easter story and salvation.

In Art, we are learning about sculpture and printing. We are going to be using a range of medium to create pieces of artwork around the topic of ‘Seasides’ and use various techniques to print repeated patterns of shells.

In PHSE, we are thinking about ‘Relationships’. We will be thinking of the various family dynamics seen within our classroom. We will then think about the

In Maths, we are going to continue our unit of statistics before moving back to place value (up to 100), addition and subtraction and measures (weight/mass/volume and time) .

In English, we begin this term by looking at explanation texts with a focus on the lifecycle of butterflies before we move back to narrative texts with a focus on adventure stories.

If you should have a questions or queries, parents/carers can e-mail the teacher on Italy@griffinfedertation.co.uk or if you prefer a face-to-face meeting, an appointment can be made at the office. However, please remember to check the school’s website and Facebook page, along with letters for regular updates and notifications.