Westmere Primary School

Welcome to France Class

Class Teachers: Miss Winn

Teaching Assistants: Miss Bloomfield and Mrs Freear

We are a fabulous Year 1/2 class. This year, our wonderful team will consist of Miss Winn (Teacher) and Miss Bloomfield and Mrs Freear (TAs). We are really looking forward to working with the amazing children which make up France class.

Every week we will be participating in PE.  Please make sure that children are wearing their PE kits (including their blue PE hoodie) on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. We ask that long hair be tied back and all jewellery, including earrings, must be removed. PE kits include the house-coloured t-shirt and dark shorts. Although in the colder months, tracksuit bottoms are recommended. Children should also wear trainers.

We love reading in France Class and children will be given 2 RWI levelled books (one ability and one challenge) and a reading for pleasure book. As Years One and Two are especially important years, please listen to your child read every day and ask them questions about the text. We do not change the books daily as we are trying to encourage reading texts more than once to build up fluency and expression; however, they do need to be in school EVERYDAY so that they can be checked. As a reward for reading at home, we all have our own bookworms to record how many times we read. If we read 10/25/50 times at home we receive a certificate and if we read more than 3 times per week, we get extra play.

Please make sure reading books are returned to school. If your child loses their reading record or books, then please let us know so we can send new books home.

HOMEWORK – children are to choose a reading and maths activity from their homework books each week. These will be updated every term. Children will receive a westie for every piece of homework they complete. Children that complete all the homework activities will receive a special homework certificate. There will also be a topic homework project for each new topic across the year. Children that complete their topic homework projects will receive westies and team points. We will also invite parents and carers to our topic homework showcase each term for children to share their amazing work.

Our topic this term is ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!’

‘Come on a journey with us, as we make our way to some of the UK seaside resorts and discover what a wonderful location this is for a sunny day trip.

Learn about the coastline and it inhabitants. Discover what makes certain seaside resorts a holiday choice where people return to each year and find out how seaside holidays have changed over the last 150 years.

So grab your bucket and spade as we travel to the seaside!’

If you should have a questions or queries, parents/carers can e-mail the teacher on france@griffinfedertation.co.uk or if you prefer a face-to-face meeting, an appointment can be made at the office. However, please remember to check the school’s website and Facebook page, along with letters for regular updates and notifications.