Westmere Primary School


Mrs Cropley, Mrs Ryan & Mrs Scotney would like to welcome you to the China Class Page.

In China Class the children have lots and lots of fun…..every day. Each and every day is different for the children as they explore various activities in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We provide many exciting opportunities and carefully monitor the progress of each individual child.

Everywhere Around Me!

Our topic this term is called ‘Everywhere Around me’.  Through our topic we will be learning all about where we live and what is around us.  We have started our topic by looking at the different types of dwellings we live in and building some homes out of junk craft.  As part of this topic we are going to investigate what animals and plants live in our gardens and learn how to grow and care for different plants and animals.

Within our, topic, we will follow the children’s interests and develop learning through their investigation and play.  If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries you may have.


The China Class Team


Understanding of the world/ Speaking & listening:chicken

Through our topic, the children will learn how to identify a plant in its simple form;

roots, leaves, stem and flower. They will compare different plants and learn about what plants require to grow well. They will also learn about the life cycle of hen.


read write incThe children continue to practise their speedy sounds as well as recapping and learning more green and red words.  Our daily phonic sessions continue where the children will be practicing their reading and writing.  They will also have the opportunity to practise their writing during their independent learning time in all the different areas.  We continue to share lots of stories to develop our story language and listening skills.


Over this term the children will continue to consolidate their knowledge of numbers to 10 and begin to explore the numbers to 20.  They will begin to look at number patterns as well as patterns and shapes within the environment.  The children will be begin to understand how teen numbers are made up of a combination of tens and ones and that teen numbers have 2 digits.  Over this term, the children will continue to consolidate their calculation skills and build upon their knowledge using a range of practical resources.

During this term we continue to use Tapestry our online learning journey to show you what we have been doing in school during the day and what we are most proud of.  Tapestry is also a fantastic way for you to show your child’s teacher what they can do at home, as sometimes due to the busy nature of school life, we may miss one of your child’s amazing skills! If you have any problems accessing Tapestry please email to let me know.

P.E is on a Wednesday and Friday, so please make sure that your child comes to school wearing their P.E kit, long hair is tied up and earrings are removed on these days.

Please can you make sure that we always have a coat in school and a sun hat if it is hot, as we go outside in all kinds of weather.  Also make sure to put long lasting sun lotion on your child before school in sunny weather.

We look forward to sharing with you all the amazing things we have been doing in school!