The Griffin Federation


At The Griffin Federation we value the abilities and achievements of all our pupils, and we are committed to providing each pupil with the best possible environment for learning.  We recognise that for some children there are occasions when further additional support may be required to help them to achieve their targets.

At Westmere, our SENDCo is Eboney Scarsbrook. At Holbeach St Marks and Gedney Drove End, our SENDCo is Kath Streets. Should you wish to make an appointment, please contact the school office.

Objectives of The Griffin Federation’s SEND Provision

  • Ensure all pupils have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • Provide a differentiated curriculum appropriate to the individual’s needs and ability
  • Ensure the identification of all pupils requiring SEND provision is as early as possible in their primary career
  • Ensure that SEND pupils take as full a part as possible in all school activities
  • Liaise as closely as possible with parents of children with SEND in order for the children to reach their full potential
  • Liaise with outside agencies, when necessary, in order to access further specialist support for pupils and parents

The main methods of SEND provision made by the school are extremely flexible and are tailored to the needs of the pupils as much as possible. The Staff are highly committed to making children’s lives not only productive but happy.

Examples of SEND provision include:

  • Quality first teaching in class supported by a differentiated curriculum
  • Additional intervention work with a teacher or support staff, either individually or in a small group
  • In-class support, with adult assistance where appropriate
  • Support from specialists using specific programmes and training

SEND Information Report and Lincolnshire Local Offer

The SEND Information Report

The SEN and Disability Information Report describes what help, support and services are available for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families in our school.

The Lincolnshire Local Offer

Lincolnshire Local Authority is also required to produce a Lincolnshire Local Offer. This Local Offer provides information about services and the provision available for families, children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Lincolnshire.

Below are details of the current SEN Information Report for our schools and the Local Offer for Lincolnshire.


Gedney Drove End SEND Information Report

Holbeach St Marks SEND Information Report

Westmere SEND Information Report 2023

Accessibility Plan 2023 Westmere

Accessibility Plan 2021 GDE

Accessibility Plan 2021 HSM

Lincolnshire Local Offer