Rainbow And Jungle Maths

Rainbow and Jungle Maths

The Griffin Federation has recently introduced Rainbow and Jungle Maths across all three schools. This has been designed for children in Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2 primarily but can be accessed by other children if required.

Rainbow and Jungle Maths have been designed to motivate children and support and strengthen the pupil’s knowledge of the basic mathematical skills.

Children are given time in class to complete worksheets which focus on counting, basic number bonds and times tables. Each ‘level’ builds on from the previous skill.

One of the key elements of Rainbow and Jungle Maths is that children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, practicing key skills and learning number facts in their own time. It does not matter if children know what questions will appear on the sheet next week, as this programme’s purpose is to support fluency. If the child knows that a question will be on the test next week, they will try to remember the question and answer, thus achieving the intended outcome.

Please see the links for more information on what it looks like for children in the classroom and how you can use it at home to support your children.

Jungle Maths

Rainbow Maths