Gedney Drove End Primary School


Welcome to Sweden Class!

Class Teachers: Miss Hardstaff

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bills & Mrs Russell

We are an awesome class of Year 3 and 4 children. Our values in Sweden Class are learning, listening to each other, working together, trying our best and never giving up.


P.E. is on a Friday. Please ensure your child is dressed in the full and appropriate outdoor P.E. kit on these days, including our federation hoodies. Children with long hair should have their hair tied up, and any watches or jewellery (including earrings) need to be removed.


Homework is sent out every Friday and is due back in school on the following Wednesday. Every week, children are expected to complete a Reading Scrapbook activity, which can be based around their current reading books, alternatively it can be a book of their own choosing. They also have a piece of English homework, which is punctuation and grammar based, linked to their current learning. Additionally, children are expected to complete a piece of Maths homework, focussing on basic skills.

Children should also practise their times tables through – log ins are in the front cover of their homework books, but if you still cannot locate them, please get in touch and we will send it to you.  There is also a free website from White Rose maths called ‘1 minute maths’ which is good for practising basic skills.


Please ensure your child reads at home daily (either independently or adult-led), as this is vital for developing their comprehension skills, widening their vocabulary and supporting them with their writing. Children on RWI will bring 2 RWI books home and a love of reading book. The paper book will be the storybook they are reading in their RWI sessions. The second book is a story that is linked to one of the books they have read in their RWI sessions. These books will be changed every 3 or 5 days depending on their RWI group. It is really important for children to re-read stories. Not only does this help with their fluency, but also enables them to develop a stronger understanding of the story.

Children who are no longer on RWI will have three reading books – an ability book, a challenge book and a love of reading book. Books will be changed regularly at school and should be brought in every day to be checked by an adult. Children who read at least three times per week, will gain extra playtime as a reward.

Spring Term Topics 

Geography- Rivers

This term, children will learn about rivers across the world. They will focus on where these are situated around the world, and the key features of them. Children will be able to identify what rivers are used for, when they are used and what importance this has.

History- Land of the Pharaohs

Travel back in time thousands of years to the river Nile, where you can learn about all the amazing people and places of Ancient Egypt. Identify the key periods of in Ancient Egypt, understand mummification, the gods and goddesses and get lost inside an Ancient Egyptian pyramid. Children will enjoy learning about the writing style and its importance within Ancient Egypt.


Other subjects

Science – Plants

Computing – Audio production

Art – Drawing and observations

D&T – Mechanical systems

R.E. – Individual religion

Music – Reflect, rewind and replay

M.F.L. – French

P.S.H.E. – Relationships

English writing:



If you have any questions or concerns, please do come and speak to us. You can contact the class teachers by making an appointment at the office or by contacting them directly via the class e-mail: