Westmere Primary School


Our teacher is Miss Theobald and our teaching assistant is Miss Missin.

Our P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child comes to school in their P.E. kit, including their blue hooded jumper. All jewellery, including earrings, must be removed on these days and long hair needs to be tied back.

As year two is an especially important year, please listen to your child read every day, and ask them questions about the text, as well as completing any homework that is sent home. Your child will be rewarded for completing this through Westies and house points.

This term our topic is Wriggle and Crawl.

Grab your coat and pooter- we’re going out and about on a minibeast hunt!

Sweep your nets in puddles and ponds and lift up logs to see who’s home.

Then set up your own minibeast laboratory and observe their every move. Add notes and labels and ask your own research questions- just like a real entomologist!

On your belly, legs at the ready, it’s time to wriggle and crawl!