Westmere Primary School


Class Teacher: Miss Pooley

Teaching Assistant: Miss Crane


Our PE days are Monday (where we will go swimming) and Wednesday. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit, which is suitable for outdoors (including appropriate footwear). Your child must also wear their blue federation hooded jumper. Children with long hair need to have this tied up for these lessons and any jewellery, including earrings, need to be removed.

For swimming sessions, girls will need to wear a one-piece swimming costume and boys must wear close-fitting swimming trunks no longer than mid-thigh in length. The first swimming session will be on Monday 13th January and they will continue swimming each Monday until Monday 10th February.


Homework is sent out every Friday, and is due back in school on the following Wednesday.

Every week, children are expected to complete a piece of Reading homework, which can be selected from a variety of options from their Responding to Reading sheet. Additionally, children are expected to complete self-led Maths homework, improving skills such as mental multiplication.

Please ensure your child reads at home daily, as this is vital for developing their comprehension skills, widening their vocabulary and supporting them with their writing. Children who read more than three times per weekly, will gain extra playtime as a reward.

During each new big term, a topic-based homework project is set; this allows you to get creative at home with your child!

If your child is struggling with any aspect of their homework, we are always available to support them: they just need to ask.

Topic Homework – Frozen Kingdom

Your child has the following options for their project homework:

  • Imagine that Earth has entered another Ice Age. Write a diary-style piece describing the changes and how the human race has adapted to cope.
  • Find out what natural resources and raw materials are reaped from the Arctic. What impact does this have on the environment,
  • Use a range of snowy images to create a polar collage. Remember to use lots of interesting textures, shapes, colours and patterns.
  • Make ‘iced jewels’. Mix powder paints and dyes into water, in an array of colours. Pour into an ice cube tray before freezing overnight. Pop the cubes out and explore your iced jewels. What happens if you sprinkle salt on the cubes?
  • Create your own Arctic and Antarctic word search puzzles using all the new words you have learned during the project. Challenge a grown-up to solve it!
  • Make a model of your favourite Arctic animal using clay, dough or recycled materials. Take it into school and explain how you made it.
  • Create a poster or brochure for a new travel company which arranges visits to the Arctic or Antarctic. Use powerful images and text to tempt customers who want an extra-special trip!
  • Design a pair of snow boots for an Arctic explorer. What materials would you use? What features could they have? Let your imagination run wild!

This is due in school on, or before Thursday 6th February.

Our Topic Homework Showcase is on Tuesday 11th February at 2:45pm, where we invite you in to see all of the wonderful things that we have been doing in our topic this term. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions of queries throughout the term, please do not hesitate to make an appointment.