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Class Teacher: Miss Carter

Topic – Saxon Settlers

Saxon Settlers

Image courtesy of Richard Denning

Big and strong, powerful and brave, the Saxons wave their battle axes and brandish their swords as they begin to invade Britain’s shores.  Sail back to the Dark Ages, where battles were rife and fear reigned. Find out about the life of the Saxons, including how they lived and where they came from.

Are you ready for invasions day?


Barbados’ P.E days are Monday (Swimming alternate weeks) and Thursday.

Children need to come into school on these days dressed in their P.E kit.

Children with long hair need to have this tied up and earrings ideally need to be removed. If this is not possible, earrings will need to be covered.


Homework is sent out on a Friday and is due back in school on the following Wednesday, if your child needs assistance with their homework this will be offered on a Monday lunch time. This allows your child time to complete and return homework on the due date.

If you have any questions of queries throughout the term, please do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Topic Homework – Saxon Settlers

Your options for your project homework are as follows:

  • Find out about Saxon invasions in your local area and present your findings to the class
  • Try to make some Angelo-Saxon bread. (Recipes can be found online)
  • Look at images of Angelo-Saxon coins. can you design your own coin? You could draw a picture or use modelling clay or other materials to make your coin look like metal. Use your imagination
  • Dress up in a typical Saxon costume. (or draw if you prefer) Are you a farmer, warrior, child or tradesperson?

This is due in on Friday 27th March. Parents are invited in on this day at 2.45pm to share these projects.