Gedney Drove End Primary School


Class Teacher: Miss Larkin


Gods and Mortals

Let’s discover a fantastical world of mythical creatures and heroes!

This term, we’ll learn about Apollo and the other gods who reign from Mount Olympus.  We’ll explore the land of Greece, where the sun scorches the wings of Icarus and Helen of Troy inspires the launch of a thousand ships.  Using historical source materials, we’ll research daily life in ancient Greece. We’ll write diaries as Daedalus or Icarus and learn about epic battles. We’ll read Theseus and the Minotaur and create amazing labyrinths, using positional language to guide others around the maze.

PE and Swimming

PE is on a Monday and a Friday afternoon. Please make sure that children come to school in their PE kit and named blue federation hoodie. Please also ensure that any earrings are removed on these days. Long hair should be tied up and a spare hair bobble kept in their PE kit. Children who do not have a PE kit in school will be given kit to wear for the session from the school lost property and expected to take part.

Kit Required for PE
·       Black sports shorts
·       Plain House coloured T-shirt – School Purchased one for every child – If this no longer fits then a plain t-shirt (without logos or slogans) of the same colour is fine
·       A pair of Trainers – for outside PE
·       A pair of plimsolls – for indoor PE (used if a child has a verruca, or if they prefer not to go bare footed)
·       A pair of thick jogging bottoms
·       A thick sweat shirt
·       A pair of gloves and a hat ( only for when the weather turns cold over the winter months)
·       PE drawstring bag to hang on their peg


Swimming for all Year 2 children and above will take place on alternate Monday afternoons.

·       Hair bobble to tie long hair up or back

Kit Required for Swimming
·       Swimming trunks / swimming shorts / swimming costume
·       Hair bobble to tie long hair up or back
·       Verruca sock / socks if your child suffers from verrucas
·       Towel
·       Swimming goggles (OPTIONAL) – No swimming masks
·       PE / Swim drawstring bag to keep swim kit in



Homework is sent out on a Friday and is due back in school on the following Wednesday.  If your child needs assistance with their homework this will be offered on a Monday lunch time. This allows your child time to complete and return homework on the due date.

In the first week of each new term, children will be given a creative topic based project homework task. This task is often set to be completed over a 5 or 6 week period. This has proved to be a great opportunity for the children to immerse themselves in their learning and extend their enthusiasm for learning beyond the classroom. The children are able to show and celebrate their creativity when we show our final results in a homework display at the end of the term in the classroom for parents and carers see.


Please make sure that all items of clothing are clearly named. The children have their own pegs in the cloakroom to hang their belongings on, but from time to time things can get placed on different pegs. We encourage them to look after their possessions and by clearly naming belongings increases the chances of reuniting lost items with them.

If you have any queries or questions throughout the term, please do not hesitate to make an appointment.