Gedney Drove End Primary School


Welcome to Finland class at Gedney Drove End.

Our Class Teacher is Ms Ashby and Mrs Powley is our Teaching Assistant for three days a week.

P.E. is on a Monday and a Friday. If your child finds it tricky to change, please practise with them at home to build their confidence. It is helpful if everything is clearly labelled as when we are learning to change for P.E. we can find it tricky to find things!


The children are heard read as much as possible in school and reading books are changed in the afternoons as often as required. You are welcome to come into school and change them if your child would particularly like a new book. It is also very important that the children practise and apply their developing phonic knowledge as much as possible and sound cards are sent home to support their learning.


Our Year 1 children will bring home reading and spelling word practise for their phonics and the high frequency words they are learning. The emphasis is on practising and applying their developing word skills. The children will practise every day in school. In addition, all the children have interactive learning activities on Abacus that are linked to the weekly learning objectives. Please come and ask if you are not sure.


This term our topic is: Why Do You Love Me So Much? We will talk about our families and other carers, extending this to people who help us. We will investigate our senses and find out about changes to our bodies that take place as we grow. We will think about our individual strengths including what makes us special and unique. In addition to this we will also reflect about how we can care for ourselves and others. We are focusing on speaking and listening and developing our vocabulary in Reception, and our Year 1 children will be developing and extending their vocabulary. Across the year, we will explore the seasons and we therefore begin with autumn. The children will work on cutting skills, cutting round buckets and autumn pictures. The children will also make fruit kebabs and taste some roasted vegetables. As part of their science work the children will explore their senses in a variety of ways; thinking about which part of their body their senses are used for.


The children will make a corn dolly from art straws and talk about the festival. They will also learn a Harvest Song to perform.


The children’s profiles are on tapestry and you can load observations from home to complement our classroom observations. It is great to see the children succeeding in both settings. Please don’t hesitate to come and ask if you have any questions.